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Discmania S-Line DD3
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Discmania S-Line DD3

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The DD3 is the high-speed go-to choice of most modern day Discmania throwers.
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Product description

The DD3 is the distance driver that has been optimized to bring massive glide and distance to those who have the power.

Need something that goes for the max distance without compromising control? The DD3 is the high-speed go-to choice of most modern day Discmania throwers. If you're past the beginner phase in your disc golf game, chances are this disc will push your game to another level. It's the single most used pro-level distance driver in our line up, a true go-to for advanced players and top level pro's alike.

The DD3 is a stable to overstable distance driver that offers a ton of glide for players who are able to get this disc up to speed. The DD3 crushes down the fairway with enough stability to handle pro level power without turning over and enough glide to give the disc a full flight. The stability of the DD3 also makes it an excellent choice for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their forehands.

The S-line is our highest quality premium plastic blend. It features superior grip and feel - just the right amount of rigidity and give - without compromising durability. Compared to our other premium plastic, the C-line, it’s slightly softer and S-line discs are less overstable, which helps in shot shaping and reaching your maximum distance!

The DD3 is perfect for pro players who are looking to expand the limits of what a distance driver can do, or any player looking for a reliably stable driver in their bag.

New S-line plastic

The reinvented S-Line plastic has been finally unveiled! After a year-long design process we are happy to say this industry leading premium blend was worth the wait.

We spent countless hours creating the best S-Line blend possible. All that work resulted in a stunning, high-quality plastic that produces unmatched grip, flight performance, and durability. This is the new standard of premium plastics and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on it!

Offering the best user experience possible took the lead in every decision made with our new S-Line. Therefore, we call our new S-Line plastic the “5-Star Blend”. Everything in this plastic has been thought out for you and your performance on the course. Gorgeous looks, squeaky good grip, industry leading molding, and meticulous finishing processes provide you unmatched feel and performance.

Now all that remains is getting these amazing discs into your bag and onto courses around the world!

⭐Exceptional feel
⭐Superior grip
⭐Remarkable glide
⭐Great durability
⭐High-quality finish

The first time you hold our new S-Line you feel countless hours of fine tuning. You feel the quality and consistency. You feel confidence to make your next shot.

The new S-Line is our highest quality blend. It offers a soft flight plate in a resilient frame with just the right amount of give. Adding our special manufacturing process creates exceptional grip that persists even in wet or cold conditions.

New S-Line offers straighter and less over stable flight compared to our new C-line. Perfect for players looking for high glide and maximum distance. Increased turn makes shaping lines through the toughest fairways easier than ever.

The new S-Line blend offers outstanding durability. That means keeping your favorite discs in your bag longer. Durability on our new S-Line rivals any other premium disc on the market.

Meticulous attention to a quality finish elevates our new S-Line to a whole new standard. With our special automated trimming process, our premium level discs boast a smooth rim for ultimate comfort in your hand.

Video review of the new S-line DD3:

Data sheet

Somewhat domey
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dsm-dd3-sln-blu-175 Color: Blue; Weight: 170-175g;
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dsm-dd3-sln-prp-171 Color: Purple; Weight: 170-175g;
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dsm-dd3-sln-orn-173 Color: Orange; Weight: 170-175g;
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dsm-dd3-sln-ylw-173 Color: Yellow; Weight: 170-175g;
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dsm-dd3-sln-wht-175 Color: White; Weight: 170-175g;
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