MVP Plasma Zenith Special Edition

MVP Plasma Zenith Special Edition

23,95 €
Skrydžio charakteristikos:  11 | 5 | -0.5 | 2   
Zenith yra pirmasis James Conrad diskų linijos distance draiveris
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Climbing is an expression of freedom. Once you start, with perseverance and calm, no peak is unreachable. Reach your Zenith!

DoubleRam Design brings us the next SE in James Conrad’s line of discs, the Plasma Zenith SE! Depicting James conquering a mountain, this stamp represents so much of what we all love about Conrad - calm, nature, and the force of will to conquer any obstacle. By the way, this disc crushes. Reach your Zenith today!

Product description

With gorgeous metallic tones, and the semi-gummy, grippy flex polymer of Plasma, this Zenith is the most beautiful and premium feeling Zenith yet! The Zenith, straight from the mind of 2021 World Champion James Conrad, is a reliable control driver for players of all arm speeds. Lower power players will love the Plasma Zenith for dependable hyzers and wind fighting ability without sacrificing distance. Higher power players will find the Plasma Zenith to have a touch of distance extending turn, before a reliable fade kicks in - making it a great line shaper and dependable go-to driver when placement is key. Support James Conrad and reach new heights with the Plasma Zenith!

Designed to feel as great in the hand as it flies, the Zenith is a control distance driver with flight numbers of 11 | 5 | -0.5 | 2. With a high power throw, the Zenith will exhibit just enough distance lengthening turn from a flat release before its confident fade kicks in — displaying the ideal flight pattern for a controlled distance drive. And, thanks to its subtle turn, the Zenith can shape some truly impressive lines from an anhyzer release too. Lower power players will find the Zenith to be workably overstable and dependable into any kind of wind. We have a feeling this disc is going to end up in a lot of bags, so grab a Zenith today and see what the James Conrad Line is all about!

The Zenith’s flight path is characterized by a subtle, flight extending, turn at high speeds followed by a dependable fade – designed to help James Conrad carve up the demanding courses on the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

High powered players will activate the Zenith’s controllable turn, giving the disc great distance potential, with its reliable fade kicking in later to maximize control. The Zenith’s flight characteristics allow for a variety of lines to be shaped from a multitude of angles.

Lower power players will find the Zenith to be a dependably overstable control driver. With its natural -0.5 turn allowing for more line shaping and distance potential than more truly overstable discs, the Zenith will be longer than your typical overstable distance driver but still with a dependably reliable fade.

The Zenith was designed by MVP and James Conrad to excel as a stable-overstable distance driver — when placement, distance, accuracy, repeatability, and required, turn to the Zenith.

Streamline Plasma Plastic

Plasma Plastic description:

Advanced Disc Golf Polymer

* Metallic sheen on core plastic
* Semi-gummy, grippy flex polymer
* Highly durable premium blend
* “Color-shift” tones in select color options

Flight Chart

MVP Zenith flight path


Disko kraštas (Bead)
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mvp-znt-pls-se-blu-172 Spalva: Mėlyna; Svoris: 170-175g;
23,95 €
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mvp-znt-pls-se-grn-168 Spalva: Žalia; Svoris: 165-169g;
23,95 €
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mvp-znt-pls-se-orn-168 Spalva: Oranžinė; Svoris: 165-169g;
23,95 €
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mvp-znt-pls-se-blk-173 Spalva: Juoda; Svoris: 170-175g;
23,95 €
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mvp-znt-pls-se-dgrn-173 Spalva: Tamsiai žalia; Svoris: 170-175g;
23,95 €
Sold out

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