Axiom Eclipse Hex Leapin’ Lizottl’ Simon Lizotte Team Series Disc

Axiom Eclipse Hex Leapin’ Lizottl’ Simon Lizotte Team Series Disc

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Hex - itin tiesus midrange diskas, kuris užsitikrins vietą kiekvieno žaidėjo kuprinėje
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Simon’s first Team Series disc with us had to be something he truly loved, we thought it might be a long process. We thought wrong! It was love at first throw for Simon and the Eclipse Hex, and we are beyond excited to bring this amazing midrange to GYROnauts everywhere. Depicting an extremely excited axolotl, the Leapin’ Liztottl’ is sure to be a fan favorite stamp - adorable levels are off the charts, straight from the mind of Mike Inscho! The Eclipse Hex is the laser straight midrange you’ve been looking for.

With enough stability to handle power and torque without turning over, and the ability to shape some beautiful anhyzer lines as well, the Eclipse Hex is ready to carve any fairway you come across - including at night thanks to our industry-leading Eclipse glow plastic! Celebrate one of the biggest moves in disc golf history with one of the best midranges on the market - take the leap with us!

Product description

Mesmerizingly straight, with flight numbers of 5/5/-1/1, the Hex will find a place in anyone’s bag as a versatile and reliably straight midrange. At the highest arm speeds, the Hex will produce slightly understable lines from flat, but the 1 fade keeps it from flipping over completely. For lower arm speeds, the Hex has enough turn to make shaping lines a breeze. If you are looking for control in the woods, or simply a versatile line shaper, the Hex is the midrange for you. Available in Neutron plastic to start, add some magic to your game with the Hex!

MVP Neutron plastic

Neutron Plastic description:

Most Popular Material

* Flagship blend offering a premium look and feel
* Widest selection of bright opaque colors
* Shares great durability characteristics of Proton
* Easy-to-find colors in any given terrain

Flight Chart

Axiom Hex flight chart


Eclipse 2.0
Disko kraštas (Bead)
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