MVP Electron Terra

MVP Electron Terra

FLIGHT NUMBERS:   8 | 5 | -0.5 | 2.5   
Terra provides the most important thing in disc golf every time you throw it: predictability
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The first Electron Driver from MVP in a long time, the Electron Terra is here! With flight numbers of 8 | 5 | -0.5 | 2.5, the Electron Terra is an extremely useful disc right out of the box, and its starting stability makes it an amazing option for cycling in stages of wear! The Electron Terra can comfortably cycle from a slightly overstable control fairway, laser straight fairway, or hyzer-flip fairway, all the way to an understable turnover fairway - allowing you to have one disc cover every shot you need! Plus, the all-weather grip of Electron plastic makes the Electron Terra grippy in even the wettest conditions! Bring confidence and reliability to your game with an Electron Terra!

Product description

As the next disc in the James Conrad Line, the Terra is here to instill confidence, reliability, and control into your fairway driver game. With flight numbers of 8 | 5 | 0 | 3, the Terra provides the most important thing in disc golf every time you throw it: predictability. You can depend on the Terra to shape lines from all angles — with easily ranged hyzer approaches, straight-to-fade flat drives, and flight extending s-curves from anhyzer all possible. Step onto the tee pad with the confidence of a World Champion.

The Terra’s flight path is characterized by an initial straight GYRO® push followed by a dependably overstable finish.

Being a true 0 turn fairway driver, the Terra will hold the angle of release before its natural overstability kicks in. High powered players will be able to delay the Terra’s fade from flat, throw easily ranged hyzer placement shots, or generate flight-extending turnovers from anhyzer.

Lower power players will appreciate the added glide and lower speed requirement as compared to the Fireball or Motion, making it a more workable overstable fairway driver for all arm speeds. Expect the same flights that higher power players get, only shorter.

The Terra was designed by MVP and James Conrad to thrive as an overstable control fairway driver — excelling at accurate, dependable placement shots.

MVP Electron Plastic

Electron Plastic description:

High-Tech Baseline Material

* Tactile boutique blends for superb grip
* Designed to wear slowly with use
* Added glide and neutral flight with wear
* Available in Soft, Medium, and Firm flexibility for putters

Flight Chart

MVP Terra flight chart - James Conrad disc line

Data sheet

Neutral flatness
Image Reference Attributes Price Quantity Add to cart
mvp-ter-ele-orn-172 Color: Orange; Weight: 170-175g;
Sold out
mvp-ter-ele-red-172 Color: Red; Weight: 170-175g;
Sold out
mvp-ter-ele-tea-171 Color: Teal; Weight: 170-175g;
Sold out
mvp-ter-ele-wht-171 Color: White; Weight: 170-175g;
Sold out
mvp-ter-ele-ylw-171 Color: Yellow; Weight: 170-175g;
Sold out
mvp-ter-ele-pnk-172 Color: Pink; Weight: 170-175g;
Sold out

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